I finally have a new slideshow up here for you of my home studio space!
We've converted the recreation room in our house into my home studio. It's a nice large space, about 500 square feet, and 3 big windows. It's right next to our bedroom and also next to the laundry room and kitchen. So I flit back a forth from studio work, to cooking, to laundry to caring for my 7 kids. I have a place in the studio for just about everything my work requires...a computer table for developing my artwork, emailing, writing, and blogging, a drafting table for painting and drawing, a handmade tack wall for inspirational scraps of different sorts, loads of fabric shelves, a flannel design wall to build quilts, a sewing table built from an old door by my husband with shelves of trims and baubles at the back. Having employees share my space is getting a little squished, so we are hoping to spill into the upstairs attic as soon as we can get it renovated. I love working at home- hope you enjoy a peek!

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