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Below you'll find slideshows and descriptions of each fabric collection in Anna Maria's own words. Please note the fabric print title and the style number and color listed below each slide for easy reference.

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"Field Study" ~ A sense of adventure and the idea of investigating the natural world up close and from afar were at the core of every print that I designed for Field Study. Yet there were very specific inspirations as well. I got to know moths quite intimately after researching how to cure an infestation in our kitchen pantry- though the beauties that appear in "Sinister Swarm" look nothing like our household variety. Global bird migration maps that I came across inspired "Migratory Lace," and botanical reference drawings gave birth to prints like "Specimen." My "Cell Structure" floral, while cute and fashionable, was conceived by looking through plant DNA slides. All this artwork came about in less than obvious or typical ways for me, and the collection itself is just the same- unexpected and entirely exciting! ~Anna Maria

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"Loulouthi" ~ With nostalgic, and evocative imagery under one arm, and the lush feel of velveteen under the other, I set out on a journey of form and color with Loulouthi Velveteens. Exploring deeper hues and more ethereal brights, the beauty of the collection at once has me escaping into deep- almost tropical- woods but at the same time I'm transfixed by sun-blasted garden blooms. Gorgeous palette aside, getting to sew something so glorious and rich is just icing on the cake! I can't wait to see your clothing, accessories, home goods, and quilts using this beautiful collection! ~Anna Maria

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"Loulou" ~ Loulou Flannels are a cozy reinterpretation of my Loulouthi collection perfect for your cool weather sewing, blankets, quilts, pajamas and more. Made up of fourteen pieces that range in design from sweet to splashy, the colors are the range you'd expect from AM but also have a welcome taste of the subdued as undertones, keeping the whole look warm and eclectic. ~Anna Maria

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"Loulouthi" ~ The Loulouthi collection is a treasure box of all that I love about flowers and fabric coming together in form and inspiration. The world loulouthi simply translates from Greek as "flower". But in an ongoing story, my cultural heritage has enlivened these fabrics with visions of needleworks in progress, the gentle tending of village gardens, and the luxury of living alongside everyday works of art. The language of flowers and and floral handiwork has spoken to me since before I could thread my own needles, and this collection is my reply to all that beauty. ~Anna Maria

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"Innocent Crush" ~ First Impression. LovesMe LovesMeNot. Maybe. Woodcut. Turn of Events. Queen of Hearts. Shattered. Slow Dance. Bubble Burst. Mixed Signals. These subtitles could equally describe plot twists from an ancient romance or a punk rock ballad. They are also the titles of each of the 10 prints that compose Innocent Crush. Driven by her love of the paradox in the phrase Innocent Crush, Anna Maria has crafted a story of youth and sweetness; intrigue and awkwardness. These vignettes of emotion are delivered by collisions of color and trademark Anna Maria style.

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"Folksy Flannels" ~ The Folksy Flannels collection combines favorite prints from Good Folks with some of the new little beauties from Little Folks to make Anna Maria's first flannel collection. Good Morning & Good Night are the two cozy palettes that make up the 16 piece collection. Printed on your favorite Westminster cotton flannel this warm and wonderful collection is perfect for pajamas, blankets, soft toys and more!

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"Little Folks" ~ Following the wildly popular and evocative Good Folks, Anna Maria introduces Little Folks. In this charming collection, she plays with a smaller than typical scale and the palette, while slightly softer, is still saturated with trademark Anna Maria color. The detail making our hearts skip a beat is that Little Folks is printed on the finest 54" cotton voile with a buttery soft feel and a gorgeous drape. This fabric is beautifully fluid so taking tucks, pressing pleats, and fashioning flowers from fabric has never been so enjoyable.

"Good Folks" ~ A worldly festival of color and kindness
"Good Folks was inspired by various sets of things, but all of the notions in my mind had kindness involved. Odd? Perhaps. But can't think of how else to say it. Old European linens. Family. Hand-loomed wool bedspreads. Meals. Fields. Embroidery. Needlepoint kits that I spent summers in Greece as a child occupied with. The icons of the village churches. Layer upon layer of mismatched bed linens piled on top of my floor palette in the upper room of my Yiayia's house to keep me warm even though it was the middle of the summer. Tablecloths drying in the sun. Memories of what my cousin's dowry of linens looked like. All the details. All the work. All the warmth. All the good wishes. Weddings. Wine. Love. Goodness."

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"Garden Party" ~ A spectrum of quilting weight cottons

"My thoughts for Garden Party were first and foremost inspired by the palette of beautiful things I collected as I was preparing to host a huge engagement party for an old friend last year. I was gathering flowers, cakes, linens, cocktails mixes, wines, working in the garden, and thinking ahead to what it would be like to have such an eclectic group of people in my home all to celebrate the happy couple on a sweltering hot August evening. I thought about all the elements that pull a party together, from the bouquets on the tables to the tiles on the dancefloor and the sometimes quirky, sometimes romantic combinations of different personalities meeting up for the first time. I was inspired by the optimism of the 50's and the clever swank of the 40's."

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"Drawing Room" ~ Anna Maria's first home decor fabric collection
"My ideas about designing fabrics specifically for the home (though clothing and accessories are invited to the party as well) were affected by notions of an era that we don't know well, a time when parts of the home were off limits to allow for some untouched sophistication. But also what does it mean to settle a home in the midst of nature, forcing some architecture into an overgrown natural setting? What forms happen inside the home that marry these two notions beautifully? What parts of nature and what parts of architecture do we keep? Where do we begin to notice the inherent architecture that exists in natural forms and how does architecture become influenced by the natural world? These are all questions I asked myself and answered as I saw fit throughout the forms and images in this collection."

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The following collections are no longer being printed but we certainly enjoy keeping them in the fabric family album. These goods are often still found to be for sale in your favorite shops and online while supplies last.

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