Rainbow Around the Block

A quilting project for families in Middle Tennessee who lost their homes to flooding

RAINBOW UPDATE: 10-20-2010

We've spent our second day of sewing together today- and it was a wonderful time! We have several quilt tops ready to send out for long-arm quilting now! There is still plenty of work to do to finish all of these beautiful quilts so stay tuned here for updates on our next sewing day. We also had a news crew visit us while we were in the midst of today's work, so enjoy to clip below!

A gigantic thank you to all of you who have sent us blocks (see your name below!) and have joined our sewing circle days to assemble them. We are overwhelmed with the love and the talent that exists out there in the patchwork world, and we cannot say thank you enough! We are still getting some straggling blocks in the mail and we will do our best to include them. Please accept our apology if your name is somehow not included here, we've tried our darnedest to to decipher many thoughtful, usually handwritten, notes that accompanied the blocks! There are still a few names to add, so check back.

(Music credit: "folding chair" by Regina Spektor sold here)

Our Mission:

Not everyone can be on the front lines of an effort like flood cleanup and rebuilding, but we believe that there is always a way to help. So many families lost their homes, cars, and all their belongings during the floods of May 2010 in Middle Tennessee. As they begin their rebuilding process, we hope to combine the efforts of generous quilters nationwide in order to make as many quilts as possible to distribute to families who are in need of new items for their homes. It is a simple mission, but its one that we hope will be far reaching and one that will give homemade comfort to as many people as possible.

Rainbow Makers

Thank you to the following individuals, shops, businesses and groups who have already pledged their time, materials, services or sewing:

Alexia Abegg
HOBBS Bonded Fibers
Westminster Fibers
Jody Sanders
Melissa Peda
Diana Kinder
Rhonda Ferrell
Nancy Reding
Jody Sullivan
Karina Eichmann
Renee Ford
Holly Verdeguer
Pieces of Rana's Life
Ann Aalgaard
Natalie Leppard
City Craft
Whipstitch Fabrics
Ronit Stahl
Megan Williams
Stella Rogers
Kathy Henderson
Jenn Grigoryev
Elizabeth Flecha
Rachel Hauser
Anne York
Delilah Angelo
Bruce Davids
Kate Coleman
Jennifer Singer
Lyanna Anderson
Monica Holtsclaw
Sally Prokopek
Caroline Jernigan
Edith Bassingthwaighte
Kathleen Brooks
Marty Miner
Mary Coleman
Ellen Behm
Pat Torgrimson
Ida Hansen
Eileen Gianiodis
Effie Foster
Linda Murphy
Charity Quilts: Marie Dixon, Dorothy Saunder & Pat Gobbel
Susan Stanley
Jacquie Kilbert
Diana Wiedenhoeft
Wendi Mihalik
Evelyn Chambers
Cherie Moore
Julie Stilla
Mary Weblin
Nancy Caleshu
Nancy Connors
Dana Chadick
Scott Hansen
Jaye A. H. Lapachet
Vickie Angell
Deirdre Wells
Tamami Stump
Lorena Soto-Puckett
Peg Cawley
April Hunt
Christina Sullivan
Mary Lynn Demacopoulos
Jennifer King
Theresa Philbin
Sarah Hibner
Ilaria Serra
Maggie Cunningham
Jennifer Willoughby
Lorraine Hossack
Nancy Caleshu
Laura Beverly
Dana Chadick
Sherri D.
Nancy Connors
Mary Weblin
Julie Zauone Stiller
Cherie Moore
Evelyn Chambers
Janeth Valley
Mari van Veldhuizen
Amanda Woodruff
Rhonda Ferrell
Sally Prokopec
Darlis Johns
Mary Carroll
Linda Nussbaum
The Modern Marigold
Sue Schwabauer
Lindsay Kinney
Pat Torgromson
Genie Robinson
Prym Consumer USA
Tracy Smith
Xu He
Scrappy Quilters of Calhoun
Judy Heilers
Chrissy Weeks
Irene Boersen
1910 House Quilt Shop
Parris Loretta
Millie Brown
Holly Underwood & Ruth Bergman
Terrie Corley
Teresa F.
Laquita Joy Hiemer
Donna Benson
New Orleans Modern Quilt Guild
Theresa Shorten
Kimberly Swait
Carol Hamlin
Hannah Grosser
Nikol Gianopoulous
Mary Ann Scanlon Molly
Monique Reynolds
Megan Miller
Mary Kay Werth
Angie Lepsch
Kennewick Baptist Church
Betty Palmer & Ron Laurentius
Amanda Braun
Kate & Eric Basti
Carol Edwards
Janine Klumb
Karen Ryon
Keri Tegtmeier Kathleen Taylor Scott Molly Stoddart molly Callie Works Leary
Amy Rochelle
Dixie Berryman
Achaia Long
Judy Ketteler
Stephanie Allgood
Genevieve Swinford
Two Thimbles Quilt Shop
Sherry Brewer
Laura Mann
Sue Crawford
Amy Flenniken
Connie Wright
Pat Lucas & Sydney Garreson
Bley Hack
Alison Cojocar Kathleen Hogue
Kathie Laposata
Faith Jones
Lorellen Moore
Jacque Liebfried
Romy Quackenbush

How You Can Still Help:

If you're a (semi)local Nashvillian:
Two of our sewing days have come and gone, but we are working to schedule another soon- hopefully mid November. If you're local we can use your help finishing up this wonderful project. We have may quilts in progress and could still use the services of more generous long arm quilters! Please contact us to let us know about your willingness to help and for further details: rainbow@annamariahorner.com.

If you just want to help but don't sew:
At the request of several (mostly good-hearted non-sewing individuals!), we've also created a Paypal account that can receive monetary donations in any amount to help us offset some of the costs, such as shipping and materials, that will arise out of running this project. You can make a donation with your Paypal account or credit card by clicking the DONATE button below and thank you so much for doing so. Any funds raised above the Rainbow Around the Block project needs will be donated to an organization to help feed hungry families in Middle Tennessee.

Resources & Contact

*For any inquiries, suggestions, or if you'd like to send us info about a family that you know is in need please send an email to rainbow@annamariahorner.com

*Please click on this pdf link to download a Rainbow Around the Block info sheet. Feel free to print these out and distribute to quilters in your area or drop off at your local quilt shop.

Block Inspiration!

*Please visit and join the Rainbow Around the Block flickr group to post pictures of blocks that you've made, view other quilt blocks, post questions, start discussions about the project and more!

*We sat down as a family here at the Horner House to get the kids involved with designing blocks (more about it on my blog) and I'm turning some of the kids designs into block templates for you to use. Click on the following links to download instructions:

Joseph's Block
Isabela's Block

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